elii [architecture office]
elii is an architectural office based in Madrid that carries out its architectural practice with a strategic eye, attending closely to the affective dimension of spaces. Its works have received international acclaim with a number of distinctions and awards. They formed part of the Spanish Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, which was awarded the Golden Lion.
elii [architecture office]

Political Fictions Crisis Cabinet
The Political Fictions Crisis Cabinet is a discussion group whose purpose, together with different experts, is to analyze, debate and expand particular controversies relevant to our time. It is carried out as an exercise in political fiction that brings up a radical framework, an extreme situation, to be addressed within a limited period of time.
Political Fictions Crisis Cabinet

Uriel Fogué. PhD in architecture.
Co-director of the architecture office elii.
Professor at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.
Co-director of the Political Fictions Crisis Cabinet.
Co-founder of UHF.
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Artículo: “Unfolding the political capacities of design”. Domínguez Rubio, F. y Fogué, U. (2015)

En Yaneva, A. y Zaera-Polo, A. (Eds.) What is Cosmopolitical Design? Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 143-160. ISBN-978-1-4724-5225-2 (Hbk) / ISBN-978-1-4724-5225-9 (ebook) / ISBN-978-1-4724-5225-6 (epub).
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Seminario: “Urban Pets and Open Black Boxes: Political Ecology Matters in Squares”. ‘Circling The Square’. Fogué Herreros, U. (2017)

TU Munich, Munich. (23-24/11/2017).
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Artículo: “Technifying Public Space and Publicizing Infrastructures: Exploring New Urban Political Ecologies through the Square of General Vara del Rey”. Domínguez Rubio, F. y Fogué, U. (2013)

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 2013, 37, doi: 10.1111, pp. 1035–1052. ISSN: 1468-2427.12052.
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Seminario: “Fiction: The Impossible Friendship”. Fogué, U., (2014)

Conferencia dictada durante el Simposio ‘What Criticism?’, Piper Auditorio GSD, Harvard Graduate School of Design. (12/02/2014).
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Seminario: “Lazy Reading Clubs: Prototyping The Idiotic City In Cushioned Infrastructures”. ‘Prototyping The Idiotic City’.. Fogué Herreros, U. (2018)

London, Centre for Invention and Social Process, Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London, (05/06/2018).
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Encuentro internacional: “Domestic theatres: living (in) black boxes”. Fogué, U., (2016)

Conferencia dictada en el Track: Doing theory by other means: how does architectural production challenge STS and ANT, durante el encuentro: 4S/EASST CONFERENCE BCN 2016. Science + technology by other means, European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. (02/09/2016).
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