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Studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSAM (DiplArch, 2002 with honours). Since 2004 runs the Architecture Agency, platform of architectonic operations that integrates 4 main fields:

Studio Units in several universities since 2001: Tutor at the Escuela Superior de Arte y Arquitectura, Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM, since 2005); at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC, MS, Master in Advanced Architecture, 2007/09); at the Universidad de Alicante (MS, Master de Título Propio Arquitecturas Complejas / Tecnologías Complejas, 2006/08); at the Universidad Camilo José Cela, (Tutor UCJC, 2005); at the Fundación Mies van der Rohe (2004); at the International Program- Universidad Pontificia Javeriana of Bogotá (2007/08) and at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM, Studio assistant tutor 2001/03). Has taken part in numerous international workshops, courses and congresses.
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Co-founder of the research group [Inter]section of Philosophy and Architecture []. He also belongs to the research group Palimpsestos (Aesthethical and political Researches) since 2006. In 2006 he completes an MPhil in Project Theory and Praxis from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and in 2008 an MPhil in Philosophy at UNED University obtaining the maximum grade for his research submission.Currently developing PHD research.
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3- Communication.
Co-founder of the collective UHF. Association for contemporary investigation [], interdisciplinary self-funded and multiple format collective responsible for the publication of the magazine UHF since 1998 [UHF01_Reformado, Céntrico, Soleado (1999); UHF02_11 Escenarios Habitables Envasados al Vacío (2000); UHF03_Mapas (2002); UHF03+_Timba Gostosa do Mapas (2002); UHF04_L. Murdoch Fontana (2004) y UHF05_E.R.R.A. (2008), all of them including English translation]. Curator of the courses and exhibitions PopUp! and SoUp! (FUCOAM, 2004-05). Has lectured in several universities and institutions (CIVA Centre International pour la Ville -Brussels, IAAC -Barcelona, Universidad Pontificia Javeriana de Bogotá -Colombia, Universidad de Buenos Aires -Argentina, Museum of Modern Art of Medellín -Colombia, Politécnico de Milano, etc.).
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Co-director of e l i i architecture office [] - currently carrying out several urban and architecture products and researches. The practice work has been exhibited in: MADRID ABIERTO - URBAN BUDDY SCHEME (Madrid, 2009); ARQUIA / PRÓXIMA, Muestra bienal de las realizaciones de las próximas generaciones de arquitectos españoles (Valencia, 2008); WELCOME TO GUANTÁNAMO MUSEUM, by Alicia Framis (Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid, 2008); CRUDO100% (Madrid, 2008); FreshMadrid (2006); FAD (Barcelona, 2005); SALONI PRIZES (Barcelona, 2005); IV Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura PANORAMA EMERGENTE (Lima, 2004); ZOOM CHICAGO (Instituto Tecnológico de Illinois - IIT, Chicago, 2002); 1st international Festival of Art, Science and Technology: Fluid Dynamics, Madrid, (2002); FUCOAM, Madrid (2005).
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Has written for various magazines and books: Breathable (2009); Summa (2007 y 2009); Pasajes (2009, 2002 y 2000); CON-TEXTOS (2008); Politeismo y Crítica de la Violencia. Hermenéutica entre Civilizaciones II (2008); Arquitectura COAM (2007 y 2008); Buenas Prácticas: Sostenibilidad y Tecnología en la Ciudad. Libro Verde (2), Foro Civitas Nova (2006); Guía de Arquitectura de Madrid 1975-2007 (2006); Architecture Guide of Recent Works in Madrid- 2003-2005 (2006); El País (2009); El País Semanal (2006); Catálogos de Arquitectura (2006); Belleza (2006); Monoespacios (2006); Babelia (2002, 2006); Maja (2004); Visual (2004); Transfer (2002 y 2004); Arquine (2002); Rojo (2002); Dictionary Metápolis of Avanced Architecture (2001); BAU (2000).

The Architecture Agency has won several awards: in 2005 received the prestigious FAD prize -opinion- and in 2006 the Distinction of the Official College of Architects.

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